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This is the best forecast site for forex trading?

There are many good Forex trading forecast websites available. The one that is most suitable for you will depend on exactly what you want from a Forex forecast site, e.g. high frequency, education, swing trades etc. In this answer I will describe the different types of forex trading forecast site and provide information on the best ones within each category.

Pure Forex Forecasts

If you just want to receive Forex forecasts throughout the day and are not interested in learning how to trade independently then you need what is called a ‘pure Forex forecast’ service. One of the best rated pure forex forecast providers is 1000pip Builder. With this service you will receive Forex forecasts by email and text message. The forecasts include entry price, stop loss and take profit level. The aim of these pure forecasts is to be as easy to follow as possible.

Educational Forex Forecasts (mentoring)

If you eventually want to learn how to trade independently, you want to find a Forex forecaster that combines education with Forex Forecasts. The Zero To ProForex School is one of the best services for this. They will teach you the strategy that they use to create the forex forecasts and you can then follow them trading this strategy. This kind of service can be very helpful because you will be able to understand why each signal is created. Hopefully, over time you will be able to trade for yourself and will no longer need the signal service.

Swing Forex Forecasts

If you consider yourself to be a long term trader and like to follow the daily and weekly price charts then you should look for a Forex forecaster that provides signals on these time frames. The stop losses will be larger for these forecasts so make sure that you use the correct Lot size if you enter any trades. MyEasyForexSignals are a good option for swing trading and have received some very good reviews.

Intraday Forex Forecasts

If you would rather trade on short time frames and take multiple trades thought the day with smaller stop losses then a Forex forecaster like 0ToHero is ideal. You will get various Forex forecasts during the day that you can follow. There is only a limited educational element but the signals are regular and reliable.

Morning / Evening Forex Forecasts

If you do not have much time to follow the markets and are not able to take any trades while at work then you may want to use a specialist Forex forecaster that only provides signals in the morning or the evening. There aren’t many of these services but Intelligent Forex trading is one that offers Morning forecasts. An email is sent at 8am every day with the Forex trading forecasts for the day. With this service all signals are pending orders, so all you need to do is set a few pending orders which will take around 5 minutes and then leave them for the rest of the day. A service like this is invaluable if you see Forex as a hobby or just don’t have much spare time.

High frequency Forex Forecasts

If you really love trading and have all day to trade then you may want to follow a Forex forecaster that provides very many forecasts per day. It is difficult to know exactly how many forecasts that each service provides but when I tested FX Jet Pack there were loads of signals per day so this service is worth considering if you really like to trade frequently.

More Forex trading forecasters

If you want to check out some more Forex forecasting websites then and have a list of reviewed Forex forecasters.

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