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Forexwebstore Never does this again in your life to blow an account whether it belongs to you or to any other person. Once you start going more than 20% drawdown you must stop trading and go to demo unless you manage your emotions and refine your trading strategy. Last time also I warned you and tried to teach you politely but you did not understand. I recommend you to stop trading and if you can’t go to the demo and learn consistency with proper risk management for 3 months; this profession is not meant for you. Learn and do something else. Money is money and doesn’t matter how less or more; must never be wasted like you blew my account. Wish you all the success and come into senses.I’m very upset. Close the trades now. Now if you are successful for continues 6 weeks on demo taking at least 2 trades a day and managing your risk only 0.01 lots. Don’t even try to trade your own money or anyone else’s money otherwise you will be depressed as hell and no one will be there to help you.
If you don’t get success on a demo as I mentioned then try to find some other profession for you. It’s not good for you. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. I have given. You don’t need more knowledge
You need a proven strategy and need to develop discipline in life. Including trading. I have shared my strategy. I can do it again and just master that. The strategy must be very simple and effective. Because trading itself is very hard so no room for complex strategy's Again you are consoling yourself. Don’t be fool yourself. You don’t have proven strategy nor you have mastered emotions.
So skills -0 points out of 10
Emotions 0 points out of 10
Discipline 0 points
Risk management 0 points.

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trader things

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Jesus is a religious head whose life and lessons are recorded in the Bible's New Testament. He is a focal figure in Christianity and is copied as the manifestation of God by numerous Christians everywhere throughout the world.